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Rapsodi Tekstil

Rapsodi Tekstil

Quality products produced with years of industry experience.

Rapsodi Tekstil
Rapsodi Tekstil

Company Profile

Rapsodi Tekstil is a family run business which has years of experience in textiles, specialises in woven apparel manufacturing.

With its increasing pace in recent years, Rapsodi now exports many overseas customers both in U.K. and continental Europe.

Their quality, price and reliability in lead times has made Rapsodi reputable and a competitive supplier among its customers

Our capacity 250.000 pcs woven per mounth and we have a big facility in Kastamonu.

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Rapsodi Tekstil

Planning and Preparation


Order, whose file arrives with all the details, is examined and the assessments of accessories and fabrics are made and then price is obtained and the most suitable accessories and fabrics are chosen the supply process starts.


Production process is arranged according to the arrival time of the accessories to be supplied in the starting phase. Meanwhile, samples are obtained in advance and the tests of the accessories and fabrics are conducted and the tests are organized and all the approvals are obtained until the production.


Meetings are held with workshops for products to be sewn and day of the beginning of the sewing by the workshops is determined by determining the day of release for production.


After all the tests are conducted and all the approvals are obtained, the products are prepared for cutting.


Shrinkage tests and other required tests are conducted with samples obtained from the fabrics and required margins are given and patterns of the product are prepared in the computerized programs. In this process, tests to be conduct vary depending on the features of the fabrics.

Patterns of the products are adjusted in the model shops in line with the critics coming from the customers and after the required adjustments and arrangements are made in our computerized pattern programs, Proto is sewn. After it is fitted and the required adjustments are made, PP is sewn and is submitted to the approval of the customer and the approval is obtained and the patterns are printed and the production proceeds.

Rapsodi Tekstil


For the color difference, which may occur in the product before the cutting, color transitions between the batches and wing differences, first, the fabric is examined in detail in the control machine. Samples obtained from the fabrics for the wing difference and color difference are controlled and grouped and are prepared for cutting.

Fabrics are rested depending on the needs, in line with the critics obtained from the model shop and cutting plan is made. After that, the fabric, which is cut, is numbered and is tied in bales and is placed into the sacks. Layers from cutting and the cutting made with the sections obtained from the beginning, the middle and the end are controlled and the sample is sewn and this situation is controlled. All the numbering process is recorded. Each color is cut separately. The possible risk during the cutting is minimized by not making too many layers on the fabric.

Rapsodi Tekstil


Products, which are released from the cutting to the sewing, proceed to the sewing, after 1 pre-production sample is sewn and the approval is given. Sewing band is prepared in a way to obtain maximum profitability depending on the features of the product. In the sewing phase, controls are made in the beginning, middle and end of the band and they are reported between the operations and the product is ensured to progress in the maximum quality and the negativities to occur are minimized by taking measures in the band. Product, whose sewing is finalized, goes through the control, ironing and packaging phases and is packed, before that, accessories, which are prepared for the product, are controlled and are separated according to the sizes and are controlled and applied on the product in order to avoid any disarrangement. In this phase, intermediate controls and final controls are made and the product is ensured to enter into the package in the right quality. All the phases are reported and their files are created.

Rapsodi Tekstil



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